Virtual General Counsel

like having your own in-house attorney


What is a Virtual General Counsel (GC)

A Virtual General Counsel (GC) is like having your own in-house attorney for your business: a seasoned business lawyer able to handle a wide range of legal issues and available to immediately respond when the need arises. California business owners know how complicated the legal landscape can be in the Golden State. But whatever problem or issue crosses your desk, your Virtual GC is just a single call or email away. You have someone on your team who understands your business and is available right away to handle the matter.

How a Virtual GC Benefits Your Business

The Virtual GC is a leading-edge concept that delivers more cost-effective and higher quality legal services. By comparison, under the old school legal model, a company might use a law firm with broad expertise. But it would be one lawyer who handles the corporate issue, another to review a contract and still another to advise on an HR matter. Or a company might use different law firms with specialized expertise for each of those different issues. Either way, the company is paying for all of the different lawyers to get up to speed on the business, not to mention the liklihood of duplication.

Large companies recognize it is far more efficient and effective to have one lawyer available to address all legal needs – it’s called the GC and they hire one. But not every business can afford or needs a fulltime lawyer on site. And thanks to technology and an evloving legal model, that’s where a Virtual GC can really benefit your business. You can have the benefits of your own GC – a single lawyer who understands your business and can provide practical advice that makes sense for your specific company – with the economic flexibility of only paying for the services when you actually need them.

Who Can Use a Virtual GC

A Virtual GC is a flexible concept that can be specifically tailored to benefit many different types of clients.

  • Any business that wants one lawyer – who understands their business and is part of the team – to handle all legal issues
  • Start up and emerging companies that need a seasoned legal advisor for a specific critical period of time
  • Businesses looking to supplement their existing legal staff for specific projects or as needed
  • A legal department looking for an interim GC or someone to fill in for existing legal staff while out on leave or other temporary absences
  • A newly established legal department or in house counsel looking for guidance or mentoring from a seasoned former GC