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My background as a GC means that I bring a unique perspective and insight to your business legal issues. I can see the issue from your point of view. I take my specific experience in the business world and use it to counsel my clients in a way that ultimately adds value to your business.


Bridging the Gap

Let’s face it: the legal world can impose all kinds of regulations, requirements and burdens on businesses that seemingly ignore the realities of the business world. I’ve spent my in-house career evaluating the law and the facts, and then creating pragmatic solutions that bridge that gap so a business can comply with legal requirements and still function as a profitable enterprise. As a former GC, I was the “client” so I understand the demands, limitations and needs of a business. That experience allowed me to hone the ability to respond efficiently to legal issues and quickly integrate realistic solutions that closes the gap between the two worlds.

Seeing the Trees AND the Forest

I also understand the importance of providing practical, effective legal problem solving within the context of an ongoing business. Legal issues don’t happen in a vacuum, nor should they be addressed as independent theoretical problems: they need to be understood and resolved within the context of the big picture. I bring experience and expertise in addressing the details of your legal issues, but I never lose sight of the “forest” that is your business.

A Proactive “Sixth Sense”

Being a GC meant being responsible for all the company’s legal affairs, whether the matter was within my area of expertise or not. Years of that responsibility has sharpened my ability to spot the issue: that is, proactively see that a particular course of action or response may cause another type of legal issue. The skill of being able to survey the entire landscape and “sense” a potential issue before it becomes a problem just one component of the In House Edge and a real benefit I can bring to your business.