Legal Crisis Assistance

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Reliable navigation through the storm of a legal crisis to safe harbor

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Critical/Crisis Legal Issues

No business wants or needs a legal storm: a government investigation into business practices, allegations of unethical conduct, a financial restatement or a major lawsuit. But they do happen and when the storm hits, a company can be faced with a bewildering array and overwhelming number of complicated legal issues. In this circumstance, it is critical to have an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer at the helm to help navigate the choppy legal waters and calmly steer the company into a safe harbor. I have extensive personal experience managing critical or crisis situations on behalf of companies.
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  • Respond to whistleblowers and other allegations of ethical breaches, particularly among higher level officers
  • Conduct internal investigations
  • Supervise and coordinate third party (Audit Committee, independent) investigations
  • Manage a company’s response to government (for example: SEC, Department of Justice) investigations
  • Manage legal issues in connection with a financial restatement
  • Manage legal issues in connection with Nasdaq delisting and relisting processes

Litigation Management

A company may need to initiate litigation to protect itself as part of its business strategy or it may be a defendant in an unwelcome lawsuit. As a former trial attorney in private practice and GC managing significant litigation, I understand both the perspective of the company’s litigation counsel (let’s win this thing, whatever it takes!) and the company (we need to win this, but what will it cost and what will it do to my business?). I have managed major litigation such as bet-the-company, class action and shareholder lawsuits. In these situations, it is important to fully evaluate the litigation, develop a realistic strategy and budget, effectively respond to unforeseen developments, and manage the process accordingly. Also, other lawsuits may start out as relatively simple matters and then seemingly swerve out of control with discovery or other costs. In most any litigation, it is efficient and economical to have an experienced attorney manage the lawsuit on behalf of the company, with the company’s goals and interests always foremost. With that in mind, I can help your company:

  • Evaluate possible litigation and develop an overall litigation strategy
  • Select appropriate and effective litigation counsel
  • Develop and manage a realistic litigation budget
  • Proactively manage litigation to stay on course
  • Manage major class action and shareholder derivative lawsuits on behalf of a company
  • Manage major bet-the-company business lawsuits