Business Law

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walking down corridor A Lawyer with a Passion for Business

Your business is my passion, whether you are starting a company, growing a business or facing a pending legal issue. My prior experience as the General Counsel for various companies means I fully understand how businesses work: you need sound realistic legal advice, right away, and within budget. So that you can quickly get back to running your business. I work with a wide range of business clients, from single-person LLCs to family owned companies to large corporations – and every size in between. Located throughout the state of California, my clients are in the manufacturing, construction, technology, consulting, real estate, retail, services, bio-medical, restaurant and other industries. The one commonality is that I am personally invested in the success of each of my business clients.

Doing Business in California

Running a business anywhere is a challenge. But doing business in California has its own unique difficulties: a highly regulated legal environment, state laws that are extremely pro-employee, unique local statutes, and a tendency to disputes/litigation. Savvy businesses in the Golden State know they need an experienced lawyer to help navigate the complicated California legal landscape. My practice focuses on California business law so that I can counsel my clients through day-to-day probems and keep them updated with new laws and processes that impact their business.

General Business Issues

I routinely advise businesses on a wide variety of legal issues:

  • General advice for starting a business, incorporating or forming LLCs, corporate secretary duties, corporate governance, and ongoing advice for corporations, LLCs and partnerships
  • All types of contractual issues: customer/client contracts, licenses, real property agreements, leases, buy-sell agreements, employment agreements, and independent contractor relationships
  • Employment matters: compliance with federal, state and local employment laws; hiring/firing employees, non-compete issues, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, drafting policies, and handling day-to-day HR issues
  • Business disputes with customers, vendors, subcontractors and/or competitors
  • Advising on practices to protect business trade secrets, confidential information and trademarks/intellectual property
  • Regulatory compliance for a variety of industries
  • Litigation management and advice
  • Referrals to other legal specialists for specific issues such as tax, bankruptcy, immigration, etc.

Whatever legal matter comes up in business, I can respond quickly and provide real world solutions.

Alternative Fee Arrangements that Emphasize Efficiency and Predictability

Due to an efficient business model, low overhead and effective use of technology, my rates are extremely competitive. Moreover, I appreciate that companies need predictable legal bills, so I offer flat fees and other fee arrangements that can be tailored specifically to your business. For example, many legal projects – like reviewing/revising contracts or drafting/refreshing policies – can be done on a flat fee basis. I also have developed other billing models such as a monthly retainer and “packages” of legal services at discounted rates. All of these alternative fee arrangements are designed to meet your legal needs in a predictable and economical manner while delivering superior value.